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We are beyond happy to see you here!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our world of Self-Love.

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Our Services

Old Books

Certified Educations

 BASE and ADVANCED courses, together with not only teaching how to properly do a manicure or pedicure service, but also a customer service, tips and tricks all learned within more than a 5 years of work in a beauty and nails world, is what we offer to our students.

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All our manicure services, from starting point of disinfectionating your hands to the finnishing point of scrubbing your skin and applying scentic oils, are followed with deep love and passion. Gellack, rubber base, gel or acry-gel in a combination of more than 160 different polish colours, are all what we have prepared for your next appointment with us.



Take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive into the ravishing dimension of our pedi care. Apricot, raspberry and coconut are just some of the beautiful fragnant pedicure salts and soaps for You to choose for a hot thub. A way big comfy armchair helps a lot for daydreaming too.


Medical Pedicure

After hot scentic thub and a foot examination, following are medical treatments due to your special need: 

  • corn-eye treatment,

  • in-grown toe nail treatment,

  • fungal disease treatment

  • thickened skin treatment. 

Finnishing with the refreshing peeling and a gentle massage Your feet would feel and look like a baby newborns.

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Monday - Friday:   10am - 6pm
Saturday:  10am - 3pm

Sundays and Holidays

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